While we do our best to have the most accurate information in the conference printed/pdf programme, changes often occur after the book has come to print. Below you’ll find details on panels and events that have changed since we put the programme together.

L04 Share ethics, poverty politics, and the anthropology of distribution
The lab will take place on Wednesday 5th, at 11:15-13:00 and 14:00-15:45, in A4-202.
Lab discussants are Debra McDougall (University of Melbourne), Melinda Hinkson (Deakin University), Francesca Merlan (ANU) and Lucas Bessire (University of Oklahoma).

L06 The risks & rewards of co-creation and collaboration – reconstituting methods to find new ways to dance with life in the age of death [Lab]
In the Daily timetable chapter of the printed programme and PDF the start time of the lab is incorrect, L06 starts on Thursday 6th at 09:00. Times are correct in the other sections of the book.

P20 Gradated citizenship, degraded humanity and the cultural specificity of rights practice
The panel will be convened by Robin Rodd (James Cook University), instead of Naama Blatman-Thomas (James Cook University).

P29 Fission and collision: disputation over native title boundaries and group membership
The panel will be convened by Tim Pilrow (First Nations Legal & Research Services) instead of Anthony Redmond (Australian National University)

One more performance! 
Woer Wayepa – The Water is Rising, by Jeffrey Aniba-Waia will take place on Friday 7th, at 13:15-13:45 , in The Cairns Institute, D3-054. Read more here

ANSA Creative showcase 2018
Will take place every day upstairs in The Cairns Institute, there you can experience the following works:
Warwuyun (Worry), by Miyarrka Media 2017. Interactive touchscreen artwork. 
Listening post: Nightscapes of Cairns (runtime 26:40), by Matthew Buttacavoli and Sebastian J. Lowe.

Bus to the party at Wharf One
There will be a bus from The Cairns Institute to the party departing at 18:30 after the AGM on Thursday 6th.

Withdrawn papers
Anthony Redmond, The living dead: jurnba bough screen as permeable generational barrier
Gareth Lewis, Namorrordo and the lure of the dead: recovering lost opportunities of Cultural Heritage Management in Kakadu National Par
Sarah Quillinan, The double duties of the dead: memory, suffering, and sacrifice in post-war Bosnia and Croatia
Monique Briggs, Gradated citizenship, degraded humanity and the cultural specificity of rights practice
Lakshmi Pradeep Rajeswary, Technoscientific futures: encountering the reef worlds of the Arabian Sea
Anthony Jefferies, Boundaries between who? The socio-politics of pre-(British) Sovereignty Australia
Anthony Redmond, “Too close” for comfort, “too far” from home: creating and responding to disputes over group membership and local countries in the native title era
Alicia Wheatley, A crisis of consciousness? Imagining a polyphasic anthropology through the “neon rabbit hole”










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