The Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) Conference 2018

Theme: Life in an Age of Death

The 2018 Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) conference took place at the Cairns campus of the James Cook University in Cairns, Queensland from 4-7 December, 2018. Over 200 anthropologists came together in tropical Cairns for the annual conference of the AAS.

The conference was co-hosted by JCU’s College of Arts, Society and Education and The Cairns Institute
Convenors: Jennifer Deger and Robin Rodd 

Use the menu on the left to read more about the exciting programme, including the theme, Life in an Age of Deathkeynotes and performers, the Media Stream, and panels. Read the curatorial statement of the Screen/Media/Art program and have a look at the various Events which took place during the conference.

Delegates can download signed, headed PDF receipts or certificates of attendance from the login environment by clicking on the “Login” button on the menu.

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