Parking on campus

You’ll find the campus parking map here.

Upon arrival to JCU Smithfield site please park in zones P1, P2, P5 (all day parking). In addition, you can park in P6 (4-hour parking) or in the green section of P3, which is designated to 4-hour parking (the other half is for premium parking). Please note that the buildings on the this map are named slightly different than on the buidlings themselves or in the conference programme: A1 is A001, A2 is A002, and so forth. 

If you use option 1, park as normal but ensure you have recorded your vehicle registration number as you will need this to input into the pay station located near the old bus stop.

Option 1: – Parking pay station 25c/hr

To pay for parking while on the Campus there is a parking pay station located at the old bus stop, (see map) the pay station is cashless and allows payment via Eftpos and does not require the ticket to be displayed at the car.

Follow the instructions at the machine, enter the vehicles licence plate number and it will print-off a receipt. This receipt does not have to be displayed at the car as the licence plate details are saved to the parking system so that the infringement system records a valid parking session for the vehicle.

If you use option 2, download the app prior and park as normal but swipe on once parked and swipe off upon departure.

Options 2: – Pay as you go App. 25c/hr

This is offered through CellOPark and is an App available to download for Apple and Android phones:

This options allows visitors to pay for only the time they are on site. 

Should you require further information on Campus Parking please click on the below link and follow the prompts.

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