The daily timetable below gives the overview of the conference. To see details of specific panels view the panel explorer.

ANSA Creative showcase 2018Upstairs in The Cairns Institute
The Listening Post: Nightscapes of Cairns, Matthew Buttacavoli and Sebastian Lowe, 2018, Upstairs in The Cairns Institute
Warrwuyun, interactive touchscreen, Miyarrka Media, 2017, Upstairs in The Cairns Institute
LAKA, projection, Rosealee Pearson and S. Shakthidharan 2018, Downstairs in The Cairns Institute

09:30-12:30   Native Title workshop, The Cairns Institute, D3-054
To register, please email the main organiser of the Native Title workshop, Julie Finlayson julie.finlayson(at)anu.edu.au.
11.00-17.00   ANSA postgrad workshops, The Cairns Institute, D3-063
Join the Australian Network of Student Anthropologists for a day of informative and interesting workshops. RSVP required by 16th November 2018, register and read more here
13:00-18:00   Registration desk open, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
17:30-19:30   Opening film: Island of the Hungry Ghosts, The Cairns Institute, D3-054
19:30-21:30   Opening Night Reception featuring ERBERYEWEN, The Cairns Institute, D3-Foyer
The conference drinks reception will kick off with performances by ERBERYEWEN, West Papuan musicians and singers based in Darwin and Papua.

08:15-16:00   Reception desk open, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
08:45-09:15   Welcome to country, Crowther Theatres, A3-001
Welcome to country by Jeanette Singleton, Yirrganydji Gurabana Aboriginal Corporation.
09:15-10:45   Keynote lecture: Ethnographic responsibility in the age of depletion by Lucas Bessire, Crowther Theatres, A3-001
How might ethnographic knowledge suggest ways beyond the conjoined crises of ecologies, democracies and hermeneutics that define the contemporary? Anthropologists Lucas Bessire will explore this question through an experimental ethnographic account of aquifer depletion on the U.S. Great Plains. Read more here.
10:45-11:15    Coffee/tea, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer 
11:15-13:00    Panel and Lab session 1
13:00-14:00   Lunch, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
13:00-14:00   Open invitation to #metooanthro workshop: developing a policy on sexual assault & harassment, The Cairns Institute, D3-150
13:15-13:45    Lunchtime events: Wiley Digital Archives presentation, Crowther Theatres, A3-003
14:00-15:45   Panel and Lab session 2
15:45-16:15    Coffee/tea, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer 
16:15 -16:35   Performance: Wik Chaprah – Cha tru chath (Wik Blood Speaks to You) by Fiona Wirrer-George Oochunyung, The Cairns Institute, D3-054
Fiona is a freelance performer, cultural educator, writer and choreographer descending from the Mbaiwum/Trotj, Alngith/Lininigithi Wikway and Wik Apalich Nations of Western Cape York. The 20 minute multi-modal performance narrative depicting a process of repatriation led and experienced by the descendant researcher. Read more here
16:40-18:00   Communicating anthropology, The Cairns Institute, D3-Foyer

08:30-16:00   Reception desk open, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
09:00-10:45   Panel and Lab session 3
09:00-10:45   Media Stream 1, The Cairns Institute, D3-054
10:45-11:15     Coffee/tea, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
10:45-11:15    Book launch: Dreams made small: the education of Papuan Highlanders in Indonesia by Jenny Munro, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
11:15-13:00   Panel and Lab session 4
11:15-13:00   Media Stream 2, The Cairns Institute, D3-054
13:00-14:00  Lunch, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
13:00-14:00  Lunchtime events: ANSA AGM, Crowther Theatres, A3-003
Join the ANSA Annual General Meeting over lunch, to discuss the year’s progress, the future of ANSA, and vote in the new executive committee.      
14:00-15:30   Keynote lecture: The end: what it means when a language dies by Don Kulick, Crowther Theatres, A3-001
Don Kulick is Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology at Uppsala University, Sweden, where he directs a multidisciplinary research program called Engaging Vulnerability. His talk addresses the demise of Tayap, a Papuan language spoken in the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea. Having worked with Tayap for over thirty years, he will describe the social and linguistic processes that have led to its dissolution and ask how anthropologists and linguists might engage with a phenomenon like language death in their work. Read more here.
15:30-16:00   Coffee/tea, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
16:00-16:30   Performance: Requiem for the Reef by Leah Barclay, The Cairns Institute, D3-Foyer
Leah Barclay is an award-winning Australian sound artist, researcher and acoustic ecologist working at the intersection of art, science and technology. Requiem for the Reef in an immersive surround sound performance that explores the past, present and possible futures of the Great Barrier Reef – one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Read more here.
16:30-18:30   AAS AGM, The Cairns Institute, D3-054
18:30   Bus to Wharf One, The Cairns Institute
19:00- …        
Party in Wharf One, Northern end of Trinity Wharf, Wharf Street, Cairns 4870

08:30-14:00   Reception desk open, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
09:00-10:45   Panel and Lab session 5
09:00-10:45   Media Stream 3, The Cairns Institute, D3-054
09:00-10:45    Roundtable: Eternal life in the age of the anthropocene, chaired by Miguel Vatter (Flinders University), discussants: Robin Rodd (James Cook University), Vanessa Lemm (Flinders University), Chancellery Building, A1-017
This roundtable seeks to thematize alternative conceptions of the relation between animality, nature, happiness and politics by exploring notions of the common and eternal life in light of Franciscan theory and earth law. Read more here.
10:45-11:15    Coffee/tea, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
10:45-11:15   Opening of the art work Microplastics Found in Human Embryo by Robyn Glade-Wright, Outside the main entrance of The Cairns Institute
11:15-12:45    Keynote lecture: Is property a person? Slavery, prostitution, sex robots, cyborgs and the new constitution of property relations by Kathleen Richardson, Crowther Theatres, A3-001
Kathleen Richardson is a Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI at De Montfort University, UK, and the founder of the Campaign Against Sex Robots – a campaign developing a feminist abolitionist perspective on robots and AI. Her talk will explore recent the current discussions in the European Union to ascribe ‘robot personhood’ to machines and other arguments for extending the juridical legal franchise to include robots and AI as ‘persons’. Read more here.
12:45-13:45   Lunch, Crowther Theatres, A3-Foyer
12:45-13:45   AAS institutional representatives meeting, Crowther Theatres, A3-003
13:15-13:45  Performance: Woer Wayepa – The Water is Rising, by Jeffrey Aniba-WaiaThe Cairns Institute, D3-054
13:45-15:30   Panel and Lab session 6
13:45-15:30   Media Stream 4, The Cairns Institute, D3-054








Panel grid

  Wednesday 5 December Thursday 6 December Friday 7 December
11:15-13:00 14:00-15:45 09:00-10:45 11:15-13:00 09:00-10:45 13:45-15:30
Chancellery Building, A1-017 P09 P09 P02 P14 R03 P28
A4-003 P03 P03 P27 P27 C01 C01
Chancellery Building, A1-014 P07 P07 P06   P25 P25
Chancellery Building, A1-018 P08   P23 P23    
The Cairns Institute, D3-144 P19 P19 P33 P33 P11 P31
The Cairns Institute, D3-063 L08 (until 14:00)       P21  
A4-004 P20 L02 P30 P32 P01 P01
The Cairns Institute, D3-059 P29 P29 P24   L05  
The Cairns Institute, D3-149 P04   P18 P18 L07 L07
Chancellery Building, A1-129 P05 P05 P05 P22    
The Cairns Institute, D3-150     L06      
A4-202 L04 L04 P12 P12    





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